Concerned Island Citizens

Mission statement: We are committed to a safe and healthy & sustainable environment now and for the future.

 As concerned citizens we believe our environment & health is being negatively affected in our community. Apathy lack of oversight and patterns of disinformation have led us to a tipping point.  It is our intent to inform the community with the truth and provide a rally point for change.   

 This is a health & public safety issue with the EA-18G from the noise levels in excess of 150 decibels & fuel they expend in to the environment.

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Stop NASWI from harming and endangering the civilian population from this EA-18G 150 + DB NOISE and Heavy Lead Cancer Causing Pollution and the danger of fighter jet crashing in to Family homes and business with zero regard for the Health, Safty and Quality of Life of the the people on the ground.

Concerned Island Citizens